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Pegase, partner of the airport


Pegase is one of the three French clusters dedicated to the aerospace industry. It brings together three hundred members among which one hundred and seventy SME’s, large industrial companies as Eurocopter, Dassault, Thales Alenia Space, Areva and public research laboratories and universities throughout the territory of the Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur region.

Indeed, the aeronautics and space industry represents twenty five thousand jobs in PACA and an annual turnover of 5,5 billion euros. It is the leading regional sector in R&D expenditure with two thousand five hundred people in private R&D and seven hundred public researchers. Today new opportunities are created in this territory by bringing aeronautics and space on new markets and especially career opportunities.


Pegase built its strategy by anticipating the evolution of societal needs for the aerospace industry. Protection, surveillance, communications, transport of goods and persons are needs in constant progress. They constitute real opportunities of growth for the aeronautics and spatial sector.  Also, Pegase does not only aim  the usual players in the aeronautics and space industry, but at all those who will develop technologies and know-how to invent  tomorrow's aviation . So, the cluster promotes its actor’s excellence in human factors, process and materials, green technologies, imaging and vision, control command, industrial and production techniques for aeronautics.

Pegase develops specific tools to support companies on leverages identified as necessary for their growth and competitiveness. Indeed, in order to successfully develop their actvity, companies need a clear strategic vision, financial resources, technological partnerships, marketing support  including export accompanying but also help to find the good skills.

But the analysis of the demand of SME’s shows very strong expectations which are beyond a simple logic of catalogue of services or a portfolio of subsidized projects.

 To meet companies needs, Pégase developed a methodology which organizes an economic public and favourable environment allowing the development of companies in the context of Pegase's network.