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Pilot information

Opening Hours :


Monday to Friday :      06h00 - 20h00 UTC
Saturday:                   06h00 - 18h00 UTC
Sunday:                     07h00 - 20h00 UTC 

Fuel provider :

Petroleum: AVGAS 100LL / JET A1
Authorized payments: bank cards, cash,  Visa, Master Card, AIRTOTAL Card,  AEG, Air Routing, Rockwell Collins, ASTER air service, World Fuel Service, AVCARD, AVFuel, Mercury Fuel, Signature, US Gouvernement Card, UVAIR Card, Dinners Club International, nautilus Aviation, Valcora
(Checks are not accepted)

Handling during stopover

OPS Tel :  +33 (0)
       Fax :  +33 (0)