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+33 4 90 81 51 31


For the Planes

  • Guidance, positioning and wedging
  • Surveillance on the tarmac
  • Cleaning and first class turn-around operations
  • Washing of aircraft
  • De-icing
  • Toilet services
  • Drinking  water
  • Assistance GPU

For the Crew

  • Operational services, european cards, météo documents and notams.
  • Ops frequency
  • Transport of crews and their baggage.
  • Availability of a waiting room and an office for the preparation of flights, including computer equipment and free Internet access.
  • Catering Service.
  • Booking service for taxis, hotels, rental cars…
  • Special rates with partner hotels

For the Passengers

  • Reception in the terminal for business flights.
  • Reception and escorting onto the runway.
  • Transport of luggage.
  • Passengers and luggage check-in for charter flights.
  • Assistance with customs and police formalities.
  • VIP Lounge for business flights.
  • A booking service for taxis, hotels, limousines, helicopters, planes…
  • Catering Service.
  • Limousine Service.

 Sanatory evacuation

  • reception and assistance for sanatory flights

Handling is compulsory except for based operators if they have opted for self-help .